Sehri Dua for Every Muslim All Over the World

Ramadan is a special month for every Muslim. Every person fasts by reading Sehri Dua at the end of Sehri at dawn. Allah Ta’ala says, ‘Fasting has been made obligatory on you – as it was made obligatory on those before you. Fasting during the month of Ramadan is obligatory for every Muslim.

Every Muslim has to fast from dawn to dusk for the sake of Allah. Not all Muslims can do this. Only those who fear Allah observe the 30 fasts. Through this post will know about Sehri Dua.

What is Sehri for Mulsim

Sehri and Iftar are very important during fasting. Sehri is the early morning meal to break the fast. Eating Sehri is Sunnah for every Muslim. Prophet Muhammad (SL:) gave a special recommendation to eat Sehri in the early morning.

Every Muslim prefers their main meal at Sehri. Because after eating that food or Sehri, you have to stay awake till evening. If a Muslim sleeps before Sehri, he has to call for Sehri. In many places, everyone is woken up by a microphone to do Sehri.

Sehri Dua for Every Muslim

The intention to fast after eating Sehri is called Sehri dua or fasting prayer. According to Islam, starting Sehri with the name of Allah or Bismillah and ending with Alhamdulillah. However, the prayer that is recited for fasting after Sehri, is called Sehri dua or intention of fasting. The Dua is

Sehri dua for muslim

Pronunciation in English: “Nawaitu an achumma ghadam min shahri ramazanal mubaraki fardallaqa, ya Allahu fatakabbal minni innika antas samiul alim”

Meaning: “O Allah! I intend to observe the obligatory fast of the Holy Ramadan tomorrow. So accept (my abstinence from fasting) from my side, surely You are All-Hearing and All-Knowing”

Sehri Dua in Hindi

There are many Muslims who want to know Sehri Dua in Hindi. Every prayer in the Quran remains the same, only the language changes for the country.

Sehri Dua in Hindi: “नवैतु अन अचुम्मा गदाम मिन शहरी रमज़ानल मुबारकी फ़र्दल्लाका, या अल्लाहु फतकब्बल मिन्नी इन्निका अंतस सैमुअल अलीम”

Meaning: “ओ अल्लाह! मैं कल रमज़ान के पवित्र महीने का अनिवार्य रोज़ा रखने का इरादा रखता हूँ। तो मुझसे (उपवास से मेरा परहेज़) स्वीकार करो, निस्संदेह तुम सब कुछ सुनने वाले और जानने वाले हो”

Sehri Dua Bangla

Let’s take a look at Sehri Dua in Bengali.

sehri dua bangla

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Reasons for breaking the fast

There are about 15 reasons for breaking the fast. Which is our duty to know as a Muslim. And if these are not known, breaking the fast will not be understood.

  1. Eating something intentional.
  2. If you have sex.
  3. If water goes into the throat while doing Kooli (If you do not remember the fast, then the fast will not be broken).
  4. Intentional vomiting.
  5. Injecting medicine or oil into the nose or ear.
  6. If someone breaks the fast by force.
  7. If the medicine reaches the body through injection or saline.
  8. Swallowing pebbles, stones, or fruit seeds.
  9. After breaking the fast thinking that the sun had set, it was found that the sun had not set.
  10. If you do not intend to fast the entire month of Ramadan.
  11. Swallowing small amounts of food from the teeth.
  12. Smoking, inhaling smoke by deliberately lighting incense sticks


Fasting in the month of Ramadan is for the pleasure of Allah. As a Muslim, we should try to keep every raj. Observing every aspect of Islam by fasting. Keep in mind that our fast may be broken for any small reason. Dua should be recited from the heart to fast. Because Allah knows your heart. So don’t overdo it.

There are many people in our society who talk a lot about Sehri and Roza without knowing about them. It is not right to say anything without knowing properly.

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